Mumbai on High Alert, Teeror Suspects Sketches Released

By | September 23, 2016
Mumbai on High Alert, Teeror Suspects Sketches Released

Mumbai on High Alert, Teeror Suspects Sketches Released

The Mumbai Authorities have been released sketches of two armed suspects identified relocating suspiciously near a Naval base at Uran in neighbouring Raigad district. More sketches of the terror suspects are being prepared.

Meanwhile, NSG officers and Navi-Mumbai law enforcement have held a meeting to examine the risks involved. The professional commandos from NSG and state police’s specialised Force One have also been roped in, police said. Multi-agency investigation procedures are also on to trace the alleged persons a day after a high alert was seemed along the Mumbai shore and adjacent areas.

Two Students and a girl studying in  tenth standard along with a boy who is studying in ninth standard in the same school which is located in Uran near Mumbai have informed to the police cops that they have seen a five masked men along with guns earlier today have helped the cops to prepare the sketch of one among those five suspects  and the Security agencies has been in search of the  suspected men who has spotted near the fishing town.

Schools and Colleges in Uran Closed:

The Schools and Colleges which has been located in Uran and neighbouring areas has been closed and Police men has been taking care over those Schools and Colleges.

Rahul Sinha who is a Navel Spokesman said that as per the reports we have there are 5 to 6 persons have been seen in Pathan Suits with the guns carrying on their back.

Police Men has been in trace of those suspects in the Uran and Karanja areas with the help of Navy, Coast Guard, CISF and Quick Response Team.

The Navy Commissioner of Police along with top officials have been monitored the situation through out the night.

The Military men and the police has been made the people to be alert who has been in living in Mumbai and adjacent areas has they found the five suspects has been moving towards the naval base in Uran in Raighad .

In the Uri attack 18 Soldiers were found dead.

The Statement high alert has been made in Mumbai,Navi Mumbai, Thane and Raighad Coasts by the western naval commander because there are sensitive establishments and assets located in those areas.

There are so many famous research centers have been located near the Uran such as the Western Biggest Naval Base, the Bhabha Automatic Research center, Fertiliser Plants, Refineries, Power Plants and the country’s largest container port


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