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By | January 11, 2017


Let us get started with what is probably the most popular and most widely used social media site to date. As of February 2012, Facebook is recorded to already have 845 million users around the globe. By using Facebook as a business tool, you can have access to these users.

Getting Started With Facebook

Before we tell you how to use Facebook to promote your business, we will first teach you how to set up a Facebook group account. It is rather simple but there are some tricks to it.

Setting Up A Group Account

If you are using Facebook to promote a business, brand name, or a company, then you should open a group account instead of a personal account. A group account can be set as any of following:

  • Local business or place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band, or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

From the Facebook homepage, here is where you will find the button that will take you to the group sign up page:

So how is a group account different from a personal account? With it, you will not be able to add friends the same way as a personal account can. This means, there will not be a friend list that will show up. Instead, people can simply ‘Like’ your page and become subscriber. They will then be listed in the ‘Members’ section.

A group page is preferred when using Facebook to promote a business, company group, organization, and similar things. Activating All Features of Your Group Account In the beginning, you are not given full access to all the features of Facebook group page. To activate all features of the page, you have to gather 25 likes from other users. This may be quite difficult to achieve. But there are ways to get this done easily.

Here are some:

  1. Ask help from all your friends and family members. It is likely that you know a lot of people who also have a personal Facebook account. Tell them to like your company’s Facebook page.
  2. If your company works with a lot of employee, you can ask them to like the company page.
  3. Advertise your page using Facebook Ads. This will be discussed later.
  4. Like other groups so your profile will appear on their pages. This way, people will find out about you and hopefully, they will like your page too.
  5. Sometimes, if you ‘Liked’ a page, the owner of that page will ‘Like’ you back.

And these are just some of the things that you can do to get your first 25 likes. This is important to activate all features of your group account. Get this done before you proceed with the rest.

Promoting Your Facebook Page

After you have set up your Facebook group page and after you get your first 25 likes, it is now time to promote your Facebook page. By ‘promote’ it means you want to get a lot of people to view your page. You also want them to ‘Like’ your page because doing so will subscribe them to all the announcements you will make on your page.

It is important that you get views and likes because it is the main reason why you even made an account. A social media page will not serve its purpose unless you get views and likes. And simply opening an account and letting it sit still will not get you views and likes. You have to work in order to achieve this. So now that you already have a Facebook page for your business, it is now time to teach you how to become a Facebook superstar with lots of views and likes.

Facebook Superstar Tip No.1: Use Facebook Ads

Alright, let us begin with the most effective of all the methods. Using Facebook Ad is the fastest way to reach your target market niche. However, it is also probably the most expensive. Take note that this is a paid feature by Facebook. When you choose the option “Advertise on Facebook” – a feature which is only available to group pages and not on personal Facebook accounts – you will be taken to the following page:

The next step is to choose the target market niche for your advertisement. The options are found just below the page shown above. It appears as follows: As you can see, you can actually choose which members of Facebook will be reached by your advertisement. You can focus on a country, a city, an age group, gender group, and you can also target people according to their interests. By using this feature wisely, you can make your advertisement appear on the pages of your targeted niche. However, this is a paid service. If you are working on a limited budget, you might look for ways on how to promote your page without spending. Are there ways to do this? Yes, there are. And this takes us to the next step.

Facebook Superstar Tip No. 2: Page Liking

It is one of the most popular features of Facebook and it has become quite iconic – the ‘Like’ button with the thumbs up symbol. With a personal Facebook account, you probably just use this feature thinking that there is not much to it in terms of benefit. But in business, using this feature can boost the popularity of your Facebook page. How? Say for example you visited a page. If you ‘liked’ that page, other people who will view that same page will see your activity (example: XYZ Company liked this). So if your company name is “Baby Stuffs Co.”, it will appear as “Baby Stuff Co. liked this”.

This is one of the ways people might discover your page. If they see you this way, there is a chance they might view your page and probably become a subscriber. But you have to focus on pages that matters the most. So if you are marketing baby food, then maybe you should like related pages like baby toys, baby clothes, baby accessories, and such. You might also want to like pages that are frequented by moms.

Facebook Superstar Tip No. 3: Forming Affiliates

Previously, we talked about ‘liking pages’. This time, we will talk about ‘getting likes’. But it is not just any ‘like’ from any user. This is like forming an affiliate because what we want to get is the ‘like’ of an influential or popular group/company/brand/page. For example, let us take a look at the Facebook account of Google. This is the first thing that you will see on their page. And if you are already using Facebook Timeline, you only need to scroll down a little to see the box below:

This box shows all the other Facebook pages which Google has liked. This means, whoever Google has liked will appear on its page. And because Google is a big name, this is going to be like a big boost in fame. Let us say for example that you are selling baby products. If your page gets a like from brands like Gerber and Huggies, that is going to be a big boost for your company! Your Facebook page will appear on the page of Gerber and Huggies. It is as though you are an affiliate. This will have a huge effect on how other people see your company. So basically, you need to work on getting the likes of big names that are in the same industry as you are in.

Facebook Superstar Tip No. 4: Maximizing Use of SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When a webpage is SEO enhanced, it has a higher chance of appearing among the top ten of Google’s search results when a user uses a related keyword. For example, when a user uses Google search engine to look for baby toys and used the keyword ‘baby toy’, the web pages that are SEO enhanced for the keyword ‘baby toy’ will have better chances of appearing among the top ten results. This is important because most people only check the top ten results. They normally do not bother checking the second page, third page, or any of the succeeding pages of the search results. So how is SEO connected to making your Facebook account popular? Well, you can make your Facebook page SEO enhanced for related keywords so when a person searches the web for products and/or services that are related to what you offer, it is likely that your Facebook page will appear among the top ten results of Google. So how do you make your Facebook account SEO enhanced?

Here are some ways:

How to make your Facebook Page SEO enhanced

  1. Choose a page name that includes the main keword.

This can be tricky. Say for example your company name is Louise & Clarke and you sell leather items. Of course, you will want to use your company name Louise & Clarke as the Facebook page name. But try adding related keywords to it. Here are some examples: Louise & Clarke Leather Goods, Louise & Clarke

Genuine Leathers, Louise & Clarke (Leather Items).

  1. Include keywords into your page profile information.

When making a Facebook group page, you are also asked to provide some information about your company. In the “about” section which appears just below the profile picture for example, you can write a small description about your company. This is your chance to write a small paragraph that contains a lot of keywords related to your industry.

  1. Make posts that are also SEO enhanced.

While maintaining your page, it is normal that you will make some posts once in a while. You may do this when informing your members about new sales offers, new products, and such. But when you do, try to make the announcement include related keywords.

  1. Change your URL name.

Every Facebook page (including personal pages) are designated a URL name. This appears on the address box when you are at the home page of your profile. In the beginning, you are given a default URL which can simply be a series of numbers. However, you have the option of changing this. You can do this in the settings and choose a more appropriate URL name (example:

CAUTION: There is a danger which many users forget when optimizing their pages with keywords. They end up inserting too many keywords or inserting keywords to a sentence even though it will make the sentence sound ridiculous. When adding keywords, make sure that the sentence still makes sense. Do not add a keyword just for the sake of it.

Facebook Superstar Tip No. 5: Advertise

You may have made a Facebook account for your business hoping that it will serve as some sort of advertisement to promote your business. However, it is likely that you also use other means of advertisement. For instance, you may be promoting your products and/or services through television ads, radio ads, newspaper ads, and others. In which case, it will help if you also promote your Facebook page through your other advertisement methods. For example, at the end of your TV commercial, you may include a short note saying ‘Visit Us On Facebook’. You can also do the same for radio ads, newspaper ads, and others.

Facebook Superstar Tip No. 6: Use Facebook Buttons/Plugins

If you have an official website for your business, you can add Facebook plugins to that website in order to attract more views, likes, and subscriptions to your Facebook account (as you recall, we want a lot of views, likes, and subscriptions because we want to be a Facebook superstar). But what are these plugins? They include the following:

  • Like button
  • Subscribe button
  • Send button
  • Comment plugin

Like Button

If you posted a story on your main website which also appears on your Facebook page, you may include a ‘Facebook Like button’ on it so that viewers can easily share the story to their own Facebook profile. If a person liked a story or content on your website, it will be visible to everyone in the friend list of that person. This opens you up to plenty of potential new viewers and members.

But how do you create a like button on your main website? On the admin panel of your Facebook page, you will see the option “Discover Resources and Tips” under the “Page Tips” section. Click the option and you will be taken to the customization page. In here, simply click the “Use social plugins” under the “Connect with people” section and you will be taken to the list of Facebook plugins available to you. Here is a screenshot of the page:

Simply select the “Like Button” option and you will be taken to the “Like Button” generation page. It looks like this:

As you can see, you have the option of changing the appearance of the button. You can control its size by pixel. You can also change its color.

Send Button

The send button is a little different from the like button. Although both plugins are designed to make users share your content to their friends, the send button allows a user to send only to specific individuals or specific people in their friend list. The Send Button can be found under the same category as the Like button and you also have the option of customizing its appearance and its other features.

Subscribe Button

The subscribe button subscribes the user to future updates on your Facebook page. It is convenient because the user will no longer have to go to your Facebook page just to login. He can do so on your official page if you provide a Subscribe button plugin. Basically, these are all the plugins that you need to use in order to widen the scope of your Facebook account. Of course, you also have the option of exploring other options available in Facebook settings. They are all designed for the same purpose: make your Facebook page more popular to users.

Facebook Superstar Tip No. 7: Boosting Your Posts

A boring post will always be a boring post. But even the most interesting post will need some boost to make sure that all your followers will see it. And there are some ways to do this. These functions are ‘starred post’ and ‘pinned post’. So what are they? Let us take a look at them.

Pinned Post

When you pin a post, you are automatically placing that particular post to the top of your profile page regardless of its date. This is useful if you want to make an important post more noticeable to your audiences.

Starred Post

Next, there is the starred post. Unlike the ‘pinned post’, it does not elevate a post to the top of your profile page. Instead, it widens the size of a post so that it is bigger and more noticeable. If you are using Timeline, you will notice that your page consists of two columns (left and right). And one post uses up one column space. But a starred post uses two column spaces. A top post which is assigned as a ‘starred post’ uses up more space than the two posts below it. This is really useful when making announcements which you really want your subscribers to see.

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