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Wednesday 8 March 2017

Why Local Market?

One of the key things that you can accomplish with this method is getting an increased amount of local traffic to your ads. This will lead to helping you dominate the local market. If you are wondering why dominating the local market is important, keep the following in mind: Each local market is slightly different and will be processing different advertisements based on the interest of the locals. In fact, about 80% of all local business comes from within a short distance from the location of the business. This can be as little as 5 miles from the location. If you are able to manage to target the mobile users within this radius, you will have access to a much larger portion of the exposure than competitors would even be able to access with alternative local ad solutions.

A majority of mobile devices do not have ad blocking software available on them which makes them a more fruitful exposure outlet when compared to those using computers or notebook PCs. This means that your ads will be seen by those who are most likely to view and interact with your marketing efforts. If your business is local you will be driving traffic to your website or online Google places listing. This is an ideal option that will make it much simpler for you to be getting the most out of your online ads by targeting mobile device users which are actually within a short trip to your location. This is a fairly simple way to dominate the market by getting connected with those in your local community. The sooner you get into mobile marketing in this way before your competitors, the more chances you will have of gaining the attention of your potential consumers.

Local mobile marketing has a very low competition due to the fact that the searches will be directed more often to the added keywords for locations. This makes it possible to get a greater amount of the traffic that was directed towards the original keyword thus landing your marketing efforts further ahead than those using generic, non location based marketing. Another thing to consider when using Google to market to your potential customers is the fact that you can control where you are sending marketing to, based on the carrier of the mobile device. This gives a much higher percentage of targeted marketing for your efforts. This is a great option to look into whenever you are targeting a specific location which has a preferred carrier by some variable such as small demographic location or popularity of carrier for the area.

The existence of "click to call" ads is also a highly useful option that allows

your marketing audience to contact your business directly without having to know the business phone number. Once the user clicks on the advertisement, their mobile phone device is given specific instructions to place a mobile call. This can be configured to any number that you specify in the advertisement settings with Google. This eliminates the need to direct your audience to a website where they can find contact information and instead provides contact capabilities with the tap of a finger.

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