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Tuesday 7 April 2020

Writer Agus Supriyadi | Editor Agus Supriyadi

Most people looking who want to lose weight, want results fast. Be it for an upcoming party or a meeting with an old friend, people are always searching for ways and means to lose weight and look good overnight. Health drinks, crash course diets, strict fitness regimes: people are willing to try anything that might work. It is important to remember however, that your body is not designed to suffer these changes over such short periods of time. It is not meant to be fat one day and become skinny the next. Adopting these drastic measures shock your metabolic processes and often lead to your falling sick. Read on to find out other possible dangers and questions you might have.

Scientists and dieticians believe that rapid, uncontrolled weight loss can harm your heart as well as other crucial organs of your body. Excluding this damage also, there‟s always the nasty fact of all the fat you lose like this returning sooner or later. These quick fixes and crash weight loss regimes do not have long-term benefits. Long-term damage? Possibly, yes. Trying to lose weight fast is injurious to your health: whether it be through crash diets that promise health benefits, or throwing up after meals and not eating for long periods of time. Nothing works. So get the notion of overnight shapeliness out of your head right away, if you care about your body and health. There are better, safer ways of getting rid of body fat. Sure they‟ll take time and a lot of work, but the results are long lasting and overall wholesome, unlike the damage and temporary benefit that these short term routines offer. Added benefits of a long term course are you end up being a lot more trained and disciplined, and your body is more toned as the fat is replaced by muscles.

But, can you lose weight fast in a safe way?

Some dieticians and body fitness experts believe that in fact, it is possible to lose weight safely in a few weeks‟ time. Not days, or overnight: but weeks! Giving your body time to adjust to the drastic changes is imperative, and although you can shorten the length of time, you cannot do away with it without harming yourself. What you really need to do to lose weight fast is stick to a comprehensive program that includes a balanced diet, lots of regulated exercise and a disciplined routine. Having a personal trainer often helps, as you can discuss your plan with him or her and adhere to it. Make sure your trainer designs a program for you that is personalized but effective: not too hard for you to follow, but also one that works!

Having a lot of fiber content in your diet is important, not only does it regulate your digestive system, it also makes your stomach feel full for a longer a time. When your hunger is under control, what your eat and how much you eat of it is under control too. Soluble fibers found in vegetables and fruits keep off some diseases also, apart from helping in weight loss. Fibers help in your diet, but it is also important to keep a tab on how much calories you take in with every helping. If your calorie intake is higher than the calories your body is able to burn, then no exercise regime can give you results. To lose weight, it is crucial for your body to burn up more calories than you take in everyday. And remember the more calories you consume, the more you have to lose, and the longer you have to exercise. That can‟t be nice! So to keep a check on the weight, keep a check on the calories that go in to your body. Water in large quantities always helps. Especially, when your body is going through such rigorous training. People are whop are perennially dehydrated tend to collect water around their tummies and other places, or so studies reveal. However if you have enough water and make sure your body gets its required level of hydration, your body will work faster and better; making it easier for you lose weight quickly.

Losing Weight and Your Rate of Metabolism – How are they Connected?

Fast metabolism is usually associated with slimness and therefore health and good looks. However, there is a lot more to your metabolism than just fast or slow, and how it functions has a great effect on the overall health of your body. People think those who have fast metabolism can afford to binge on food regularly, as it gets burnt up fast. But this is not always true, having a healthy metabolism is always more important than having a fast one. Here are the answers to some of the questions you might have about metabolism.

What is it and what does it do?

The energy (measured in calories) that a person‟s body can burn is called his or her metabolism. This is the general use of the term. Medically however, metabolism is actually the sum of all anabolic and catabolic processes in your body: i.e. the processes which build up cells, and those processes which break down cells. Therefore, your metabolism is more important than just a fat regulating mechanism, it determines your overall health too. It controls your biochemical processes so that your body can function effectively.

What are these processes?

Structural biochemical processes – These include build-up and breakdown of bones, cells, membranes, glands, hair, skin, nails, connective tissues, your organs and teeth. Functional biochemical processes – These include the formation of antibodies, hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters and cell mediators. Energy biochemical processes – These include biochemical products like glycogen, sugar, ketones and triglycerides.

What is a good or a bad metabolism?

Every function of your body is controlled by these biochemical process: walking, sleeping, eating, drinking, reading, watching TV, swimming and so on. These processes require calories to be used which you consume by eating. The nutrition you provide your body therefore determines how your body does all these functions. A good metabolism means your body uses the nutrition you consume effectively. A bad metabolism uses up the calories and nutritive value of your food before you can replenish it. Your weight does not have a direct relation with hoe efficient your metabolism is. You may be thin and have poor metabolism or be fat and have excellent metabolic efficiency.

Why does metabolism become slow?

If you have food that has very less calories, less nutrition, or processed food, inadequate amounts of protein, essential fats, excessive carbohydrates, or suffer from stress and anxiety, dehydration, or have toxins in your body, parasites, or have too much of drugs, alcohol or medicines – you could have slow metabolism. Basically a lack of balanced diet and an improper lifestyle has a direct fallout on your metabolism and make it sluggish. People who opt for crash diets often forget to take heed of their metabolism, and the sudden changes in food intake make their metabolic processes slow and inefficient. Lack of energy forces your body to start breaking down proteins for energy, which stops them from building your body, which is their primary function.

What do I need to take in then?

Calories can be distinguished into different kinds. Proteins need to be taken in for effective metabolism. Essential fats and carbohydrates are important too. If your metabolism needs repairing, you will have to be patient and give it time, making sure you have a balanced intake of all nutrients the whole while. This process may lead to some weight gain as your inner mechanisms get rebuilt. This is temporary however and you can reduce weight again with your exercise regime.

So what should I not do to take care of my body?

Doctors have found that doing fad diets, crash course weight loss programs, skipping meals, eating too many carbohydrates, less protein, avoiding fat completely and more can all lead to poor metabolism and weaken your body.

What if I‟ve already wrecked my metabolism?

If you have already ruined the state of your metabolism, you will need to follow these steps diligently and hope you can repair it in time again.
  1. Unnecessary medication and drugs should be done away with immediately. Your toxin levels should reduce by 50% rightaway.
  2. Figure out sources of tension and stress in your life and get rid of them!
  3. Commercial toxins that you may take in have to be avoided also.
  4. Use the liver cleansing, colon cleansing or Candidia cleansing processes to flush out your system completely.
  5. Exercise in a planned, regular manner.
  6. Have lots and lots of water! This cannot be emphasized enough.
  7. Have many meals: but make sure they are all wholesome.
  8. More organic, natural food and less processed, packaged food. 

And what happens when my metabolism is getting repaired?

While your metabolic system is healing, your body might experience changes since it such an important part of your system. Rebuilding it might lead to weigh gain, as already mentioned. Don‟t fret however because this can be burned off later. Raising your muscle mass, exercising regularly, eating well, and having high hydration are all factors that will lead to an efficient and properly working metabolism again. Give it time and patience. Healing must be slow to be effective. 

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