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Thursday 1 October 2020

Mobile Marketing

Is Going Web

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Mobile marketing is really one of the most common types of web interaction for mobile web users. A large percentage of mobile device users do not own a computer system and are very used to interacting online with only their mobile device. Although some mobile devices have varying levels of sophistication and higher technological capabilities, most will still adhere to the limitations of the networks they connect to and how well the hardware can handle such interactions.

Before the age of mobile devices, the existence of other types of marketing was effective to the point of at least getting the business noticed. These types of dead advertising are still used but with a much lower effectiveness.

Examples of these and reasons why they are dead:
Phone directory - large phone books are now seen as a very wasteful endeavor and are actually advocated against in "greener" communities. They also require a large amount of manual work to find what you need when a mobile device can simply search for what is needed in seconds.

Newspapers - Newspaper sales have declined rapidly and free versions of higher quality news sources are now available online. You will be reaching a
very limited community which either cannot afford extra services or are living without excess in their household.

Television Ads - The use of digital video recorder technology allows people
who want to miss their shows and view them at a later time to simply skip commercials and advertising spots. Only highly amusing advertisements are viewed by these individuals. Ads can also be very costly with a very low return in interest by the audience.

Telemarketing - The “do not call” list, caller-ID and blocking services provided by companies (including Google!) make it possible to filter out the
possible informational exchanges with potential consumers who have access to a phone line or mobile phone subscription plan.

Direct Mail - Direct mail is very slow and has a very low yield in terms of customer reach. Most modern mail receivers will simply pick and choose what they wish to look at based on their interests. It is not unlikely that most of direct mail recipients will simply toss advertisements and "junk mail" that they receive once they get from their mail box to their household.

Print Ads - Advertisements in magazines and other print outlets are becoming increasingly higher in cost which makes them undesirable especially when competing against full page advertisements and more. The high cost for such small spots also makes it difficult to secure a well exposed portion of the print media and you will only be able to target readers who buy or subscribe to that magazine.

Email Marketing - SPAM is seen as unwanted digital contact and will be deleted as soon as seen by most recipients. Specialized SPAM filtering has been incorporated into many email services, software, and more to help eradicate instances of unsolicited emails. As you can see, these are very limited in scope when you are trying to reach your audience. These conventional types of marketing are no longer as effective in getting your business noticed. The best option to take advantage of is through mobile marketing which will penetrate the airwaves and be delivered directly to your audience. To accomplish this you will need to get your business listed and online with the most prominent search entities. This is possible by doing the following: You must take the time to create a top search result in the local market for your business. This will consist of getting into Google, Yahoo and Bing and listed for your business category. This is not difficult to do and can be done properly through each of the search services with the proper process. Getting to the top of Google mobile search results is one of the most important things you could do with your business. The process is relatively simple but can be time consuming.

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