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Friday 17 March 2017

As you build your website with the game of building a website that has quality SEO, one thing you may make a mistake with is building a site that is accessible. You want visitors to be easily able to come to the website, see what they need to and then act the way you want them to, whether that is to make a purchase, sign up for something or take some other action. However, you also want search engines to have an easy time browsing and crawling through your website. There are several things you can do to ensure that your website allows for the search engines to easily crawl through the pages. Keep these things in mind:

1.    The pages function properly. If the pages do not load or take too long to load, this could cause a problem with the search engines, not to mention your clients.
2.    Ensure that all HTML elements are in place. This means that you look at the HTML formatting and ensure that it is working properly.
3.    Uptime of your website is critical in nearly all situations. What is important to remember is that even one instance where the website is down could cause the search engines to miss your site. Having high uptime is critical to allowing those search engines to crawl your website and to determine its importance.
4.    Broken links are one of the worst problems you can have when developing your website.

Imagine all the work you are doing to get visitors to your site and then when they are ready to sign up, the link does not work. Search engines will look at each of those links so even if the link may not be an important one for your website visitors, it is an important one for SEO ranking and therefore, you do want to ensure each one is working properly. Is it hard to put all of this together? With a quality web programmer or a little attention to details, it is easy to avoid these common mistakes in regards to the accessibility of your website. You want your website to function for your visitors as well as for the search engines. If you do not take the time to do this, you may find that not all of the other work you do for SEO is going to benefit you in the long term.

Blog Commenting Equals SEO
When it comes to building search engine optimization for your website, there are factors that are important in the actual web building. For example, when you write articles or you build your business, you do need to focus on keywords as well as meta tags and other details. However, you cannot simply throw up the website, even with all of these details and believe that that is all that you need to do. The fact is, doing things like blog commenting can really help to build your website overall.

Traffic Means Importance

One of the reasons that you need to comment on blogs or to do other types of marketing is because it can build traffic to your website. For example, if you need to build a website on sleep disorders, you do want to visit blogs that people are writing that have to do with sleep problems and interact on those sites. By interacting, you gain several key advantages.

1.    Whenever you comment on a blog, you get to leave a link behind to the blog or website that you have. That means that anyone that is able to go to that blog you are leaving a comment on can also click on the link in your comment and be taken to your website.
2.    This increases traffic to your blog.
3.    This also increases the links that are on other websites pointing to your own. That is
something that search engines like.

Search engines also value traffic. In other words, a blog or website that is getting traffic to it is going to rank better than any website that is not getting traffic. This is because these websites are simply more important to the masses on the web than those that are not getting traffic. As you build traffic to your website, this will increase your page ranking results which further increase your traffic.

Commenting on blogs is something you should do but it is not something that you should abuse. There is no benefit to spamming other people’s blogs and it is a sure fire thing that they will not allow you to continue to do that. It takes a great deal to build up a reputation on the web but blog commenting is one of the best ways that you can do that. It is a roundabout way to build traffic to your website but it is highly effective.

Common SEO Mistakes

As a beginner in search engine optimization, it is easy to make some of the most common mistakes people make. In short, search engines are designed to respond only to the websites and its pages, not to your lack of experience in creating them. This often leads to individuals who have the willingness to do really well and have all the right intentions but seem to be lacking in the actual ability to put together an effective website. That leads to mistakes. The following are some of the most common mistakes individuals make when designing their websites.

1.      Design your site for your readers not for your search engines. Be sure that every page is designed to be easy to read and highly effective so that your readers will benefit from it first off.
2.      Do not spend so much time on keyword research that you waste time getting your site up. The bottom line is that it takes time for any site to rank well in the search engines and it is unlikely that spending months and months on keyword research is going to help it.
3.      Do not over use keywords. Choose the top keywords for each of the pages based on the actual content and the research you have done. Do not use dozens of keywords on each page. It will hurt your rankings, not help them.
4.      Do not create a site that is boring or does not have a personal touch. The most effective websites are those that fill a need, answer a question or solve a problem from a personal approach. Get involved in sharing your knowledge with others.
5.      Avoid spamming other websites or blogs to get links to your site. Too many links found on the wrong types of sites will not help you to build your business but will in fact hurt your business in the long term.

Do take the time to learn all you can about search engine optimization and how to use it

effectively. It will help you to build an effective website that performs as you would like it to. Keep in mind that your goal is not to just rank well in the search engines but it is to increase traffic on a regular basis. You can only do that with a website that is designed to meet your reader’s particular needs rather than the needs of the search engines.

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