How to Capture Screen and Print Screen

Friday 15 May 2020

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Printing Your Screen, Screen Capture

I guess this is how you do it NOW:
  1. Hit the print screen key
  2. Open the program that you want to import the screen shot in e.g. Photoshop, Paint, Coreldraw, etc...
  3. Paste it
  4. Message appears that your picture is too big for the current settings of the document.
  5. Change the document settings.
  6. Your telephone rings and you need to look up something else on your computer.
  7. Telephone conversation is finished and now you need to browse your folders again to find the folder of which you wanted a screen shot of the content.
  8. Hit the print screen key again
  9. Paste it
  10. You forgot to change the settings of the document, just before the phone rang, so a message appears again that your picture is too big for the current settings of your document.
  11. Change the document settings.
  12. Paste it
  13. Save the picture as....Finally job done.

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