Exercise And Weight Loss

Saturday 30 May 2020

Writer Agus Supriyadi I Editor Agus Supriyadi

Exercise And Weight Loss – The Golden Keys To Losing Weight

Ternate, The human body is a wonderful thing. It has adapted over millions of years to the environment around us.

The body has continued to thrive through heat and cold, dark and light and feast and famine. It is this last set of conditions that is most important to individuals trying to slim down via exercise and weight loss.
Why? The body has learned to hoard energy in times of famine. When food intake drops, the body doesn't know, and doesn't care, if you're dieting or simply unable to find enough food. To the body, a sustained drop in calories means one thing - its survival time, baby!
Under these circumstances, the body begins to hoard body fat as sort of an insurance policy against the coming hard times. If the decreased calorie intake means something has to go weight-wise, the body sure isn't giving up that insurance. No way. Instead, the body will begin to sacrifice healthy muscle tissue.
So, with most fad and/or crash diets, it isn't fat that's being lost, its healthy tissue.
As soon as food intake increases again, just like it always does with these yo-yo diets, the body happily starts regaining all that lost muscle tissue and, you guessed it, all the weight lost goes right back on. That's why exercise and weight loss have to be partners in any successful long-term weight loss program.
Exercise and weight loss work hand in hand with the body's own evolutionary adaptations to ensure successful and healthy weight loss.
Regular exercise raises the body's metabolism, so that calories are burned more efficiently. Not only that, but you feel better too. You don’t have to be training for a marathon to enjoy the good feelings that come with some moderate exercise.
When your metabolic rate rises, in turn, this sends a clear message to the body that any reduction in food intake is not cause for alarm. The body instead properly attributes the drop in calories to the increased activity brought on by regular exercise. Under these circumstances, the body doesn't hoard fat like a miser. Instead, it burns body fat like there's no tomorrow in an effort to keep up with the demand for energy.
The result is naturally efficient weight loss. The weight comes off and stays off. This is why exercise and weight loss are the key to successful dieting. This naturally healthy system has worked for a long time and there is no reason to think it is going to stop anytime soon.

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  1. This topic discusses exercise and weight loss. He explained that the golden key to losing weight does not have to be a strict diet, because it is not fat that is lost but healthy tissue. In this case a healthy diet is accompanied by exercise, as exercise and weight loss work together to ensure successful and healthy weight loss. A diet like this results in naturally efficient weight loss, which is why exercise and weight loss are the keys to a successful diet.

  2. In this text explains things about diet. By reading this text, we can find out how to diet that is good and also true. There are a number of things that must be considered in a good diet program, such as having to set the time for exercise. Because exercise can burn calories. Not only can burn calories but can also increase your metabolic rate. Therefore we must exercise regularly in order to maintain our body weight and help prevent weight gain. Not only by exercising, the best diet for weight loss also focuses on your lifestyle. Therefore, it must be accustomed to a healthy lifestyle. For example by controlling the portion of the meal, because controlling the portion of the meal is the biggest key in losing weight.

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