The Right Diet To Lose Weight is The One that Works For You

Wednesday 1 March 2017

Since there are about 310 million people living in the US as of the 2010 census, that works out to about 103,000,000 people who are overweight in America. That is a truly enormous amount of people.

And every year approximately 65 million of those people start on some sort of diet program. These figures have stayed the same for at least a decade. Each year, 65 million overweight people start a diet to lose weight. The next year, there are still 65 million overweight people...who start another diet. Obviously, something isn't working.

What's happening is that all these people are choosing the wrong diets, over and over. When you choose the right diet to lose weight, the weight comes off and it stays off.

So, how do you avoid the wrong diet and pick the right diet to lose weight, once and for all? How do you know the diet you're following is the one that's going to get you off the weight loss/weight gain roller coaster? It's easy!

The right diet to lose weight is the one that works with your body's natural, genetic rhythms, and not against them, to produce natural and sustainable weight loss. It combines regular and vigorous exercise with caloric substitution, not caloric reduction. You can lose one pound of weight every week, week in and week out, simply by cutting 500 calories per day through diet and exercise. A half hour of exercise, 5 days a week, and reaching for a glass of water instead of a soft drink is often all it takes to produce sustained and sustainable weight loss.

Most diets simulate what our bodies interpret as famine. When the body senses these signals, it automatically takes steps to preserve what nutritional stores of fat already exist. It keeps the fat for later and lets go of water weight and muscle tissue.
What this means is that most dieters are not losing any body fat. All they are losing is stored water and muscle mass. As soon as the calories go back up, the body thinks the famine is over and starts restoring the status quo.

The end result? All the weight that was lost during the "famine" is regained. And you are right back where you started, if not even heavier. You are worth the few minutes it takes to search out and discover the dieting program that works for you. You deserve it.

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