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Sunday 8 November 2020



Ternate-DailyFastNews.COM. In the era of globalization in the era of 4.0, business relationships have no boundaries.  People not only build relationships in the country but can also reach domestic families.  Especially with technology like now where e-commerce is growing rapidly, everyone can build partnerships online and do business online.  Even though.  If you want to build relationships with foreigners, it's appropriate to study international languages, namely English as a means of communication.

 If an entrepreneur wants to be successful in doing business, mastering English is one of the requirements that must be achieved.  Learning English on the job is different from English in general.  Learning English in the world of work is called Business English.  Business English is an English language topic that is more focused on business situations, for example for meetings, negotiations, sending e-mails, presentations and others.

When you want to learn business English, we must pay attention to the sub-topics we need.  This means that we should not learn any discussion that is not related to our needs so that the knowledge is useless in our future work.  Then what are the intended activities?

 The first to introduce himself.  The introduction of yourself is a very important start.  From the introduction, we must be able to make clients interested in what we have to say.  If our introduction is bad, then the client will underestimate from the start.  When introducing yourself, don't forget to introduce your full name and title, without having to mention the title, and so on.  Next, tell what has been done and your experience.  For example:

 "Hi, My name is rynaldi, I've got 15 experience in digital marketing, I worked an SEO specialist for at lease 10 prestigous compenies, and now I am handing 10 employees in marketing department of language center Indonesia as a menager"

 Second, Negotiation.  Negotiation in doing business is also very important for how to determine the direction of the business.  The first thing to do is convey the company's points of excellence.  After that explain about the project and the cooperation that you offer.  This process is a bit difficult because you will convince your client about your project.  However, there are some key words in English to focus on when negotiating.  Vocabolary, for example, sustainability, future, optimization, profitability and the like.  For example:

“Our company has 15 years of experience in handling this project.  We have (explain the advantages of the company, for example HR, supervisory systems, and the like).  With a system like this, we can optimize our profit by 10% per month, 2 times better than other companies in our industry "

 However, don't appear too ambitious, admit that it seems too ambitious it will show that the company has weaknesses, and give clients the opportunity to ask for information, or even deny you.

 The third English Business material that you must take when deciding to learn English is how to handle meetings.  Starting from opening and closing the meeting, providing feedback, responses, to concluding the results of the minutes.  Also make sure you know things like ethics in giving opinions, suggestions, and criticism.  Remember, during the meeting, keep the level of formality in your conversation, not to issue unnecessary statements.  For example:

 "In this meeting we will discuss the marketing strategy that we will use next month.  Based on our marketing reports (describe the condition of the company for the month).  From the data we analyzed, we conclude that (conclude Problems that have to solve next month).  (opens meeting) Regarding data, I think we should do ... and improve.  "(giving opinion)" I agree with mother about the data and its improvements, but in my opinion it should not be ... (refute)

Fourth, presentation.  material that is no less important than the meeting material is Business Presentations in English.  When you want to take your business overseas, you and your team must have proficient presentation skills in English.  If you and your team's presentation skills are minimal, then clients will not be interested in your business.  Especially if there are teams from other countries whose English presentation is much better.  So the fault is clear: if you want to win international projects, funding, and the like, you have to master business presentation techniques from introduction to cover.  For example:

 "Good morning I am Rynaldi, and this is our team defending and graceful.  Today we will present our biggest project of the year According to the data.  (Convey project background).  Based on the problem, we 'plan to make (convey the project plan). This project will be a major discovery in the industry .. (project excellence, rational reason) *

 The last one is to send an email, the English Business material that you must master next is how to send business email in English.  As you can understand, send casual messages and business messages using "different" language.  And these rules also apply when you want to send an email in English.  For example:

 Dear Sir (state the client's name in full)

 It's great to present our business proposal in front of you and your entire company management.  Thank you for your great input and advice, we will do our best to improve our business plan, based on the knowledge you have shared with us.  We look forward to hearing from your company about our proposal;  I hope we can continue our good cooperation in the near future.

 Best regards,

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