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Monday 9 November 2020

 By: Wahdania Mohdar  


Ternate-DailyFastNews.COM. The twenty-first century brought about extraordinary changes in human life. Change is inevitable and these changes help people progress well in their respective fields.

In this modern era, people achieve success in their field of specialization because they make use of the available resources of modern and innovative technology. To bridge this gap, English appears to be a good tool to use for international language communication.

English is the only language spoken in almost all fields, such as education, entertainment, information and technology, business, commerce to some. As a language, English has achieved a global status and is used for many purposes.

3 Reasons Why English Is Important For Business

English is the language of business.

It cannot be denied that English is the language used in business and trade affairs in the world. About 375 million traders and businesses in 54 countries speak English, ranging from Europe, Africa, America, Australia and Asia. Therefore, English is often called the language of business.

• Make it easy to do business travel.

In this era of globalization, business people in Indonesia must be ready to cooperate with anyone, regardless of country or language. One of the gestures to collaborate is with business travel. Imagine if they don't speak English and want to do business travel to another country, they will definitely have to spend more time and money to hire a translator. Unless mastered English. 

• English is the language of technology.

The Industry 4.0 revolution brought many changes in the business and economic sectors. One of the striking changes is the use of technology as a means of analyzing data and production activities. In fact, all technology used today is in English. So to understand it requires the ability to speak English. 

Of course, not only doers or business owners. Employees as part of the company are required to be able to master English so that the company's business can run well.

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